goods for leaves

: to pick leaf.

waxed akashi paper(50sheets)
waxed akashi thin paper(100sheets)
akashi paper(kirigami)
: to paste and bring leave to where you want to place
:*please not use waxed akashi paper put long term because it may come off wax and not able to paste leaves.

chikutou (bamboo cutter)
: to cut leave.
: need to cut cutting side before use.


: rough : gokuara>arame>nakame>hosome>gokuboso>kindeiyou :fine
Sunagohosozutsu (slender sunagozutsu) small
: rough : arame>nakame>hosome>gokuboso : fine
Funzutsu (slender & small sunagozutsu) minute, makie
: rough : nakasan>shousan>shousanshou>sen>fun : fine

: mat to cut leaves with chikutou
: board covered with leather.

sunago brush
: use with sunagozutsu to crush leaves(sunago).
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