size : F6 / F4 / F2 / F0
color : seiji / gray

*In monitor, the color may appear different from the actual one.

size : S4 / S2
color : gray

Gasen paers book
for sumi ink painting practice

Shikishi size 50sheets
F6 size 20sheets

F0 / F1 / F2 / F3 / F4 / F6 / F8 / F10
 1page 2page 
 F2 F4 
 F4 P8 
 F6 M12 

Japanese postcard size
Can use by one sheet as postcard in Japan.

Kouzo papers book for sumi ink painting
F6 / F8 / F10@each 20sheets

belows are not dosa sized paper. so water spread.
suit for : sumi, gansai etc
HOMO sketch book (drawing paper for watercolor)

Two pages facing each other are one sheet paper.
So can paint by 2pages.

S2i24‚ƒ‚ x 24‚ƒ‚j
S4i33.4‚ƒ‚ x 33.4‚ƒ‚j

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Shike cover 33.3cm~23.1cm
fold zigzag gasen paper

Shaseicho S6size spring type